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Template for Medical Action Extraction

A template for extracting relationships relevant to the MAXO medical action ontology.


Name: maxo

Schema Diagram

erDiagram MaxoAnnotations { } ActionAnnotationRelationship { } NamedEntity { string id string label } Disease { string id string label } Symptom { string id string label } MedicalAction { string id string label } Chemical { string id string label } MaxoAnnotations ||--|o Disease : "primary_disease" MaxoAnnotations ||--}o MedicalAction : "medical_actions" MaxoAnnotations ||--}o Symptom : "symptoms" MaxoAnnotations ||--}o Chemical : "chemicals" MaxoAnnotations ||--}o ActionAnnotationRelationship : "action_annotation_relationships" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o Chemical : "subject_extension" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o NamedEntity : "object_extension" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o MedicalAction : "subject" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o NamedEntity : "predicate" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o Symptom : "object" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o Disease : "qualifier" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o NamedEntity : "subject_qualifier" ActionAnnotationRelationship ||--|o NamedEntity : "object_qualifier"


Class Description
AnnotatorResult None
Any None
CompoundExpression None
        Triple Abstract parent for Relation Extraction tasks
                ExtendedTriple Abstract parent for Relation Extraction tasks, with additional support for an extension term describing some aspect of the subject and object.
                        ActionAnnotationRelationship An association representing a relationships between a disease, the mentioned signs and symptoms associated with that disease, the medical actions relating to each symptom, and the type of relationship between each action and symptom (usually TREATS or PREVENTS).
ExtractionResult A result of extracting knowledge on text
MaxoAnnotations None
NamedEntity None
        Chemical A substance that has a defined molecular structure and is produced by or used in a chemical process. Includes drugs used as part of medical actions. For example: corticosteroid, folic acid, opioid analgesic
        Disease A disposition to undergo pathological processes that exists in an organism because of one or more disorders in that organism. For example: Beck-Fahrner syndrome, hereditary retinoblastoma, progeria, diabetes mellitus, infectious otitis media
        MedicalAction A clinically prescribed procedure, therapy, intervention, or recommendation. For example: blood transfusion, radiation therapy, cardiac catheterization, pulse oximetry, otoscopy
        RelationshipType None
        Symptom A condition or phenotype resulting from an abnormal health state. For example: Low serum calcitriol, hypoplasia of the thymus, chronic cough, aortic stiffness, low pulse pressure
Publication None
TextWithEntity A text containing one or more instances of a single type of entity.
TextWithTriples A text containing one or more relations of the Triple type.


Slot Description
abstract The abstract of the publication
action_annotation_relationships Semicolon-separated list of relationships between a disease, the mentioned si...
chemicals Semicolon-separated list of chemicals or drugs
extracted_object The complex objects extracted from the text
full_text The full text of the publication
id A unique identifier for the named entity
label The label (name) of the named thing
medical_actions Semicolon-separated list of medical actions
named_entities Named entities extracted from the text
object_extension An optional term describing some specific aspect of the object, e
object_qualifier An optional qualifier or modifier for the object of the statement, e
primary_disease The main disease the text is about, or its central disease topic
qualifier A qualifier for the statements, e
subject_extension An optional term describing some specific aspect of the subject, e
subject_qualifier An optional qualifier or modifier for the subject of the statement, e
symptoms Semicolon-separated list of signs or symptoms
title The title of the publication


Enumeration Description


Type Description
Boolean A binary (true or false) value
Curie a compact URI
Date a date (year, month and day) in an idealized calendar
DateOrDatetime Either a date or a datetime
Datetime The combination of a date and time
Decimal A real number with arbitrary precision that conforms to the xsd:decimal speci...
Double A real number that conforms to the xsd:double specification
Float A real number that conforms to the xsd:float specification
Integer An integer
Jsonpath A string encoding a JSON Path
Jsonpointer A string encoding a JSON Pointer
Ncname Prefix part of CURIE
Nodeidentifier A URI, CURIE or BNODE that represents a node in a model
Objectidentifier A URI or CURIE that represents an object in the model
Sparqlpath A string encoding a SPARQL Property Path
String A character string
Time A time object represents a (local) time of day, independent of any particular...
Uri a complete URI
Uriorcurie a URI or a CURIE


Subset Description